Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't get mad, get organised!

Organised greed trumps disorganised (and even angry) democracy every time. Not only are political parties funded predominantly by financial firms, the mainstream media depends for its very life on corporate advertising. Politics and altering politics via MSM outlets are dead-ends when it comes to radical change. Genuine and lasting change cannot be accomplished from within the status quo. So, once you have satisfied yourself that radical change is necessary, you have to step out of the system in some way, and get organised.

I love the speech from the film Network, where the desperate newsreader incites a dulled populace to turn off their TVs and scream out of their windows that they’re “mad as hell.” His call to anger is moving, eloquent, exciting, yet had it proved effective, if people were inspired to turn off their boxes and scream their rage out, what next? Turn the TVs back on ten minutes later after the cathartic screaming session? Most likely.

There’s so much for us to fix, a healing but quick burst of rage is just not going to cut it. We need to develop a very long-term plan after a long process of self-education, while steadily improving our ability to be organised and cohesive in our objectives. We must calmly establish facts, build an argument, and constantly test all assumptions. This while constructing and carrying out scientific tests of those proposals sound enough to commit resources to.

1. Learn calmly what needs to be learned

2. Build database of facts and arguments

3. Become increasingly organised and cohesive, globally

4. Identify assumptions

5. Test assumptions

6. Establish verifiable proposals

7. Continually test proposals as scientifically as possible to strengthen long term plan

I hate ten-point plans. Seven is a far nicer number. There is an order to the list, but this order is principally of visual, not practical use. Flexibility and cohesion are key. We seek to initiate, organise and sustain a non-violent, idea-driven, leaderless revolution whose sole function is to establish a socioeconomic model designed from the ground up to benefit equally all people everywhere. It’s certainly ambitious, but not impossible. It’s just a matter of harnessing desire with the right objective in the right manner.

We are all sick and need to heal ourselves and each other. This process is one of decoupling from the system philosophically, and carefully establishing a new global paradigm capable of allowing wide diversity of opinion and yet fostering cooperation and a sense of common purpose.

“To constantly maximise existing and future technology with the sole purpose of enhancing all life everywhere while protecting the environment.”

What’s not to like?

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