Thursday, October 1, 2009

Global control for you

Successful control of the world requires control merely of the direction people look culturally, and the way in which they do so. To achieve this, sufficient Will and skill need to be deployed by a sufficient number of “leaders,” be they politicians, media mouth-pieces, respected thinkers and academics etc. If enough of them are more or less singing from the same hymn sheet they steer society generally. And doing this generally is all that is needed; who wants to tell people when to brush their teeth or wipe their arse or get out of bed? That level of control would be too annoying for all concerned and doomed to breakdown very quickly. No, to want to control is to want to gently guide events to your advantage, not chisel them down to some precise, wished-for form at the finest level of detail.

The ingredients for success are (in no particular order):

High ambition
Sociopathic tendencies (calm and aloof attitude to others’ suffering as well as immunity to the stress of being in the driving seat)
A Powerful Will™
Skill and intelligence
A compliant media
A compliant academia
An education system that discourages freedom of thought and emotional maturity
A central bank (control of money)
Scarcity (infinite wants versus finite resources)
Private property (cut-up land) as societal atomizer

That’s about it. It’s not easy, and only a few of we homo sapiens sapiens can scale such dizzy heights, but if you’ve got the right juice, this prize is there for your taking. Just please don’t forget the little guy, heh.

And you can tell the elite are doing a fine job by the way. A number of the ingredients in my list are considered unalterable facts of human existence, and most would consider my musing here the outpouring of a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

In the end, the question we have to ask ourselves is this: do we need really an elite? Are humans sheep doomed to wander blindly till they fall off a cliff unless a shepherd directs them otherwise, or can they self-organise? In brief: is society Hobbesian/Darwinian or Kropotkinian/Frescoan?

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