Saturday, October 10, 2009

Progress to a resource-based economy

Progression from capitalism to what follows it is a multi-generational process and global in scope.

Continuing progress is impossible unless people personally engaged in the transition understand calmly what is transpiring, and thereby inspire others to similar dedication. This dedication cannot be forced, it can only spread by a personal choice to engage in the lifelong process of slow change. Only deep understanding of all pertinent issues can lead to behaviours that will lead to a resource-based economy. A sound and durable transition can only be multi-generational and freely chosen.

Neither can it happen unless it is global. No one nation can successfully operate a resource-based economy; planetary resource distribution is too wide. The challenge nations face – which arises from this uneven distribution – is how to cooperate so effectively that nation states become unnecessary. War has been instrumental thus far in the ongoing process we call civilization, but now that technology has delivered into our hands the power to destroy ourselves completely, war is no longer a safe option. From here on in, this uneven distribution of planetary bounty is the irritant in global interactions that can become a cultural pearl. I believe that pearl to be a resource-based economy.

We have two outcomes ahead of us: we make it or we don't. No one can be forced to want a positive outcome, to choose cooperation over competition, to choose shared benefit over defending hard won differential advantage. Understanding must necessarily precede freely making such a choice. Otherwise it is nothing but a fashion statement; a knee-jerk, group-think, emotional attachment to something “different;” an addiction to kool-aid; a passing phase.

These things take time. The journey is the destination.

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