Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some thoughts for the day

Thought 1: If we don't have enough money to protect the ecosystem from our destruction of it, yet we do have the resources and know-how, money is in the way.

Thought 2: A resource-based economy is a way of making an elite redundant, by automating what they do. It is the only socio-economic model where everyone must become their own master. Daunting but good.

Here is a video ("Overpopulation is a Myth") which is I think highly relevant for the resource-based economy idea. I notice the usual knee-jerk reactions in the comments on YouTube. What the video clearly tells me is that there is abundant space on planet Earth for all us humans and then some. The only thing that is causing us to threaten our continued existence on Earth is our socio-economic model. It does not seem to have any capacity to take the environment sufficiently into account. It is predicated upon scarcity, which encourages hoarding, greed and differential advantage. Change the system, change our relationship to each other, and to the planet.

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