Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Do not know. Turn that off now.
Run down these words a while
knowing nothing, especially not
where all this is going.

Sand gives underfoot;
balance shifts. Tip with it.
In a tree—if you still climb—
new balance again. Swim

through curved sea, be curved.
One by one never adds up.
Anger strums a wave into you,
then out, a wind to brave, or buck

into its being, its dizzy self
dazzling as reality. The circled food,
coming back to you and new you,
roots in the pocked depths

of Everywhere, like branch
or dune, wave or shout, bright face
or wake for a sleep. You
cannot know. I know I don’t.

Scatter sand to other forms.
Thrash water to settled pools.
Wind back the weather again
to clouds of trees that bow.

Breathe them in. There is no time
so particular
its every nano can be noted,
jotted down; it vanishes

just as you get there,
like the threads of your thoughts,
these words, their meaning
slipping out of every crack

your cupped hands leave. It is
as if this never happened.
But of course it did. At least
this much you know.


Debra said...

Very nice...
I will send you some of my stuff, as promised.

Debra said...

Sorry Toby to lapse into expository mode FOR A WEE INSTANT, but...
When the EXISTENCE of 0 RISK IS ON TRIAL... (and you don't need courts for trials, I say...), what do you think the outcome will be ? Is there... any ROOM for DOUBT ??

Toby said...

Thanks, Debbie, and I'm looking forward to receiving some of your work.

I'm not sure I understand the question though. To put the existence of 0 risk on trial means to assess whether or not such a thing can exist, or whether or not it should exist? I know there's a lot of 'eliminating' risk desired in businesses and finance, sure profits and all that, is that what you mean? Are you talking about the danger of squeezing out the space for doubt and uncertainty?

Debra said...

Yep, that's exactly what I'm talking about.
Personally, I think the answer to that one should be obvious but...
ON THE MACRO LEVEL that the world wide media is functioning on... THE QUESTION is not really perceived to be the question...

Toby said...

We are of Universe. We are. I think, therefore we are. 'I am' cannot occur before We Are. Just wanted to repeat that mantra. I know you know, you know?

As to Masters, well, the only thing that illusion is doing is destroying us. It's doing a grand job of it, but I'd far prefer a wiser paradigm, a more mature perspective. This is one of those days, yesterday too, where such seems outright impossible, that we naked beasts are doomed to self-destruct from an overdose of intelligence stuck stubbornly alongside an underdose of wisdom.

Ah, me.