Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Care Bears?

I found this today and think it is an absolutely excellent cartoon. If that don't say it all, I don't know what does.


Debra said...

Hé hé.
Am I supposed to recognize those people, Toby ? (Remember how deconnected I am... ;-) )
I FEEL for that... POOR rich, powerful man.
I truly, truly do...
No kidding, there.
After a while ONE gets fed up with the constant, BORING moralizing world we live in.
After the Christian moralizing, the secular rational moralizing.
You kick... ONE GOD OUT, and the next one is already.. IN HIS PLACE, she says...

Toby said...

In the bath today I was remembering the first chapter of Bruce Chatwin's "The Songlines" (I think it's the first chapter) in which he meets an old woman with bright blue eyes on a ship. She seems to Chatwin to be in a state of euphoria. He asks why. She tells him she was blind all her life, and now, after surgery, she can see. Everything is amazing, wondrous. And yet some member of the crew making that very same journey for the thousandth time would find the same views boring, humdrum.

Everything is boring. Everything is awesome. And everything in between too.

As for needing God, perhaps we always will. Time will tell. Or not.

Glad you enjoyed the cartoon!

Debra said...

The most challenging WORK before us : learning how to SEE the world as it is... NEW every morning.

Toby said...

And new every second too. Always emerging, way too complex to perceive in total, let alone 'comprehend,' fully embedded in All That Is, shaping us as we shape it (or, reshaping itself as it reshapes itself!), since we are One just as we are Many. And there are no seams.