Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Opening blog

This is a blog linked to on my writings website, which hosts my poems, short stories and novels. Hungry for feedback and interaction I am hoping to generate interest with a little help from the greatest tool ever created, the Internet.
You can read my stuff at www.thdrussell.com, in a few days time, just as soon as it's up and running. I'll post again when it's there.


THD Russell said...

It was quicker than I thought; www.thdrussell.com is open for buisiness. I want to say "enjoy!", but seeing as no one is yet listening, perhaps "my fingers are firmly crossed" is the more appropriate battle cry.

duncan russell said...

It's your wee brother here, just had a browse through some of your poems. This being the 10th anniversary of mum's death my thoughts are on family and loss today.
Loved 'Last Letter', it really took me back that room. Beautiful and accurate.
Website is nice and simple too, who took the pictures? they're OK.

Love Duncan

THD Russell said...

I took the pics, even the one of myself, so thanks for your understated suggestion that I am a genius ("they're ok"), and thanks too, long lost brother of mine, for paying the site a visit. Most appreciated.