Saturday, June 12, 2021

The logic of dissent

Humans are social animals. People who choose love of truth over submission to peer pressure choose what they feel is right despite the serious risks that often follow. Dissenters like Galileo are seldom popular with the authorities or masses. Dissent is not idle vanity, it is the lifeblood of democracy and good science. People who inhibit open discussion fear the truth and are thus anti-democratic and anti-scientific.

Dissent is thus rooted in love and truth. It has nothing to do with selfishness.

Follow the facts and the soundest logic you can find. Forget what you can imagine is possible. Neither truth nor logic is governed by what we can imagine is true. Full understanding is only attained once we have let go of all our beliefs; beliefs limit what we allow ourselves to perceive.

And remember that we want the same things: honesty, freedom, love, adventure, true health, a future. In truth, we are more united than divided.

Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, a lung specialist, exposed the fake (swine-flu) pandemic of 2009-10, as it was ruled by the Council of Europe in 2010. His important, expert, uniquely experienced analysis of the covid19 situation has nevertheless been ignored and suppressed. His website was shutdown in April 2020. The vaccines manufactured to combat the swine flu were withdrawn because several hundred young people developed narcolepsy after being injected. Vaccines are not “safe and effective” merely because their contents are collectively called a “vaccine”, especially while the medication in question is still experimental.

Why is “vaccine hesitancy” equated with “domestic terrorism”, selfishness and being “antisocial”? These are wildly defamatory comparisons, surely the epitome of hate speech.

What happened to the informed consent enshrined in the Nürnberg Code?

Why are eminent scientists, lawyers, doctors and politicians being censored by Big Tech and Big Media?

Why has open, fact-based discussion between all sides of this most important issue, perhaps the most important in history, been deliberately poisoned to the point that now only invective seems possible?

How often in history has the media pumped out unending cumulative death counts for any disease? What purpose does this serve? How experienced is the public with such figures?

Why is risking a policy as untested as global lockdown presented as the only safe option?

How healthy is it to live in a constant state of fear?

Why are countries and US states that ‘risked’ no or very mild lockdowns not greeted with hope, with warm support? Shouldn’t we want to end lockdowns? Shouldn’t we prefer it if dissenters prove to be right? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the fear proves to have been unfounded?

A year ago, staying inside saved lives. Today, being outside saves lives. For 17 months and against much expert advice, PCR-test positives have counted in the statistics as “cases”. In January 2021, the WHO advised otherwise; only symptomatic people should count. On 7 June 2021, the NHS agreed with this scientifically sound position and changed their policy accordingly.

Do the ‘authorities’ know what they’re doing? Are they being honest about what they’re doing?

For 17 months, the Wuhan-lab-leak claim was dismissed and censored as “conspiracy theory”. Today it is fast becoming “conspiracy fact”. What was nonsense yesterday is true today. Dr Fauci, four decades in his post, has been asked to step down by the US Senate for illegally diverting tax-payer dollars to bio-weapon, gain-of-function research into corona viruses at the lab in Wuhan. Again: do the authorities know what they’re doing? Or are they deliberately keeping us afraid and confused? Such powers of mass behavioural manipulation exist; you might want to read the UK government’s MINDSPACE document, published January 2010, as a good starting point (“This means that citizens may not fully realise that their behaviour is being changed – or, at least, how it is being changed”, p66), and then check out a BBC documentary called The Century of the Self.

If you find yourself hating those of us who see something very sinister being rolled out globally under cover of a second fake pandemic, do you really think dissenters enjoy vilification, dread? Imagine a film in which a group of people clearly sees evil approaching but is hated for trying to point it out. Would they be heroes if they lost their resolve? The French Resistance were hated during WWII. Today they are called heroes for fighting on despite the risks. Their behaviour was not selfish; it was loving, courageous.

If you believe dissenters are deluded, surely open discussion between all sides – not hatred, invective, oppression – is the solution. And who is stoking the fear and hate? It didn’t have to be managed this way.

What solid evidence supports the claim of “asymptomatic spread” of SARS-CoV-2?

Why is the average age of death from covid19 at or above life expectancy?

If you believe dissent is causing the disease to spread, what solid evidence supports that belief? Surely you would want rock-solid evidence to justify calling dissenters “mass murderers”, rather than discussing matters with them openly. How do you explain Sweden, Belarus, and 24 US states? How does their success make you feel? How do you know lockdowns work if there is no control group, or no permissible comparison? For scientific reasons alone, we should welcome states that responded differently; we need controls to generate meaningful conclusions. Without, we are flying in the dark, forced to trust people who merely claim to know better. 

And does directing anger at divergent responses benefit science? Does it benefit anyone?

Figures today of deaths from and severe adverse reactions to the various covid-19 ‘vaccines’ far exceed those of the swine-flu vaccine that was destroyed in 2010 (where is the swine-flu virus today, where is SARS-CoV-1?). And yet the ‘vaccines’ are aggressively pushed. Indeed, Bill de Blasio, Mayor of New York, tempted the “vaccine hesitant” with free fries and a burger, as cheap a sales pitch as I have ever seen. President Biden is now trying to scare kids of 12-19 into taking experimental ‘vaccines’ because the scary “Delta variant” is coming to get them. The Lancet recently published a paper pointing out that the absolute risk reduction (ARR) of the various ‘vaccines’ is around 1%, possibly lower. The 95% effectiveness claimed in fact represents their relative risk reduction (RRR), a far less important, almost meaningless figure. Why is this finding not discussed openly by all major media outlets? The German government and ‘vaccine’ manufacturers have stated that the jabs do not confer immunity, do not prevent contagiousness, that they only offer suppression of mild to medium symptoms. They’re neither safe nor effective. Why, then, are they being so aggressively pushed? Why is natural immunity viciously derided when many experts argue it is safer and more robust than medical interventions? 

The ‘vaccines’ only have emergency authorisation. If there were no emergency, it would not be legal to administer these ‘vaccines’. Is the state of emergency artificially maintained by manipulating statistics to satisfy Big Pharma’s ambition and greed? Several major German media outlets (Bild, Spiegel, Stern) are currently headlining (12.6.21) the Merkel regime’s falsification, since January 2021, of intensive-care occupancy rates at German hospitals to create the appearance of a crisis. These media giants are now suggesting that dissenters were right after all, that the media simply passed on uncritically what the government told them, and that the government has stolen citizen freedoms. 

As the Wuhan-lab, bio-warfare story gathers intensity, it would be wise to recall that the WHO agrees with John Ioannides’ calculation that covid19 has an IFR between 0.14-0.15%, similar to influenza (that disappeared when c19 arrived). Not a particularly effective weapon of war. And if it is a “gain of function” virus (gains in lethality as it mutates), why has China been so comparatively relaxed about the whole affair since March/April 2020? Is the Wuhan-lab story needed as cover for the anticipated catastrophic spike in deaths due this coming autumn/winter when the vaccinated start being confronted with live influenza and corona viruses, as reasoned by whistleblowers and experts leaking information and giving testimony to Dr Reiner Füllmichs Corona Investigative Committee?

Does a flu-level IFR justify continuation of the lockdowns? Do symptomless positive PCR-test results? 

Was there really a pandemic?

Finally, why are vaccine passports such a pressing issue? If vaccines are effective, vaccine passports are pointless. If vaccines are ineffective, vaccine passports are pointless.

Even though it can hurt, we grow spiritually, emotionally and psychologically when we accept we have been wrong and learn from our errors. 

We want the same things: honesty, freedom, love, adventure, true health, a future we create together. We are more united than divided.

Let all that is not rooted in truth and love wither and fade away.