Tuesday, November 16, 2021

The nature of the task

 We are humanity, a species divided by those who would subjugate us into atomised consumers hungry for whatever they are selling, atomise us into semi-living machine parts in their all-encompassing system, engineer us into 24/7 on-call guinea pigs for their endless experiments, into creatures free enough to obey their orders precisely. We are to become farm produce, fodder for our rulers’ revulsion and pleasure – as their momentary whims dictate.

That portion of humanity choosing love, truth and free will in defiance of their wannabe overlords are a loose group faced with the seemingly impossible task of becoming an army of love, truth and free will. They are separated from each other by any number of boundaries. They attempt the unprecedented, informed daily that they are domestic terrorists, conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, selfish idiots, right-wing extremists.

That portion of humanity believing such information sees no value in what the army of love are selling. Those that army would liberate into the terrible beauty of their free will do not yearn for victory. Safety is their dream. Defiance is risky, selfish. The anti-socials should listen to the experts, think about other people, follow the science, trust what governments the world over are saying.

The defiant are thus pitched against the very people for whom they fight. Those for whom they fight reject what they are. And yet that army believes the compliant are deceived. But what right do they have to act on that belief? 

This is the nature of the task.

We, all of humanity, built history into today. Today is farce run riot. Today is Clown World, fear frenzy, righteous anger held at fever pitch by rulers hell bent on final dominion, hell bent on perfection, on faultless systems they expertly control. Soon, they sing, soon tragedy and suffering will be phenomena dimly understood from the pages of dull history books. Soon we will be happier than ever. Who can resist such an emancipating programme?

I understand this programme as a satanic process: the ego’s urgent ascent, a usurpation of God by Ego forever foretold by the way things are. It happens always in fitfully expanding spirals. Today it is happening globally, intensely, completely. 

Are we becoming one healthy diversity through this fiery crucible?

Yes, “army” is the wrong word. So are “struggle”, “defiance”, “resistance”, etc. But they are perfect, too. They bring us face to face with each other in exactly the right context to learn that the context itself is the problem. My sense is that we are individually processing – or being processed through – a series of experiences tailor-made – by Self and Other in fractious collaboration – to unearth old wisdoms as new. This process is a struggle because we resist each other. Because we resist, because we form sides to defend and fight for what we love, we co-create the struggle, the difficult lesson that it is precisely this oppositional tension we are here to transcend. It is an intense immersion-therapy session at global-collective scale, experienced uniquely by each of us, one by one. These things takes time.

This is the nature of the task before us. We are the nature of the task before us. I, you, everyone, all of us constitute Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, right-wing extremists … we constitute everyone and everything. We built history into today. Today is our inheritance, now and always. We struggle to feel, to own, our co-responsibility, our power, our beauty. We struggle to learn how to stop struggling, to abandon habits of ideology and belief that blind us to The Now. In clinging to the familiar in blank defiance of history’s corrective lesson, we are taught, painfully, that clinging is the problem. The fuel powering our desperate struggle is fear. When we see that, and learn to let go into what needs to be, everything will change. 

When we love, everything changes. This is the nature of the task before us. It is as simple, intricate and intimate as that.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Go abandon!

“Let’s go Brandon!” – Some journalist misreporting a crowd’s chant somewhere in the US

“Fuck Joe Biden!” – A crowd’s chant somewhere in the US misreported by some journalist

I watched some of the 75th hearing of the Corona Investigative Committee as it aired. Reiner Held presented charts depicting all-cause-mortality data in Germany these last few years, one spanning 2000 to present day, the others depicting 2020 and 2021 against the average of 2015-2019. On the evidence he presented, there was no event of any significance affecting all-cause mortality in any age group in Germany. The only remarkable thing is that 2020 and 2021 show below-average all-cause mortality in all but one age group.

If the official data referenced by the guest to create his charts is accurate, then nothing happened that anyone could call a national epidemic emergency. In Germany, no event worthy of the term “pandemic” occurred, and yet a lockdown was imposed and sustained – unique in human history –, and continues to be sustained despite the presence of officially sanctioned ‘effective vaccines’ available to all Germans. Across the northern hemisphere, lockdowns threaten yet again, despite ‘vaccines’ promoted by their manufacturers as 95% effective, and despite all-cause-mortality figures that are beginning to show humanity has never been in any danger. This should of course re-beg the question:

What is going on?

Perhaps virology is correct and the bio-chemical things we call viruses are pathogenic. Perhaps SARS-CoV-2 is one of them. Perhaps it was indeed invented in a lab in Wuhan as a gain-of-function bioweapon, and released into the world for some nefarious reason. If so, on the evidence touched on above, SARS-CoV-2 is not a very impressive weapon or virus, manufactured or otherwise, except as a tool to build fear and elicit mass compliance. Or perhaps its highly expensive gain-of-function powers will reveal themselves in due course.

Or maybe the lockdowns are working. Does their relentlessly touted efficacy explain Germany’s slightly falling mortality rates these last two years? Well, if the data presented by the Swedish guest were similarly accurate, then no; Sweden has seen no significant change in all-cause mortality, either.

Many in conspiracy-theory circles call the ‘vaccines’ “kill shots”. I am aware of no robust epidemiological evidence they are, though data is steadily coming to light that strongly suggests they might be, to some currently unknowable extent (more on this below.) I remind readers that the swine-flu vaccine of 1976 was withdrawn after 25 deaths occurred that were associated with the vaccine. Back then, Big Pharma et al. did not have quite the control of the media it has today. We are at tens of thousands of vaccine-related deaths in the US according to their VAERs database, yet still the Biden regime pushes on with mandates. Germany has been ‘vaccinating’ its population since spring; very little has happened to all-cause mortality as a result, except for an above-average uptick through September, which may be sustained through October. Germany is about six months in to its ‘vaccination’ programme. Perhaps the vaccines’ lethality will reveal itself in due course. Perhaps not. Perhaps that particular conspiracy theory is wrong.

I have at this blog nailed my colours firmly to the conspiracy-theory interpretation of what’s going on. My rough definition of conspiracy is, “breaking eggs to make omelettes, while keeping secret which eggs are to be broken”. As such, in this instance as always, the conspirators believe, in their way, they are doing some form of God’s work; i.e., it is ‘right’ to make whatever omelette is being made – a cleaner world? –, even if the eggs sacrificed would vehemently disagree. I have never claimed to know in any detail globalist goals or methods, nor have I claimed to know how many (tenuously) affiliated groups are cooperating, nor what difficult inter- and intra-group tensions beset them. I have also always been of the view that modernity is at an advanced stage of historical decadence, and that this rot – which is a natural part of historical development – has driven the conspirators to make their (desperate) move: crudely, to subject western civilisation to a controlled demolition, then reap the benefits thereof. Having an obviously senile president of the nation said to be the most powerful on earth is but one manifestation of this historical rot, and thus also of the desperation I assert is driving on the so-called ‘elites’.

But just like an all-cause mortality curve is far smoother averaged out over 5 years than over a single season, so my efforts here even out towards better explanations over time (I assert). The material I’ve published on my blog regarding c19 is fairly bumpy as I pursue various musings to see where they lead. My daily thoughts and conversations are more turbulent still, as I react, sometimes very emotionally, to the vicissitudes of the news. But I do try to sort the wheat from the chaff as time goes by. Confronted by an information pool as corrupted as modernity’s, this is a lengthy process. Figuring out with any certainty what we don’t know we don’t know is notoriously difficult, as is ascertaining how relevant this invisible, inaccessible information is. Which is why I promote humility as the only way to travel. It is also why I am determinedly, passionately against all manifestations of groupthink.

Now I’m going to add climate change to the crazy mix I’ve been compiling here these past months, but by way of demonstrating the value of being open about one’s ignorance. This factor – identifying and acknowledging ignorance – is vital to combatting groupthink, conspiracy, and incompetence, and to exposing the danger of placing ‘experts’ on pedestals and trusting everything they say without question. It is also vital in exposing the dangers of not listening to those experts, as to a host of other intractable challenges that attend civilisation and specialisation. Being honest about our ignorance is so vital, in fact, that it is almost impossible to overstate it, however ‘expert’ we feel we are. 

On to anthropogenic climate change. Carbon dioxide is said to be a “greenhouse gas”. Right now, according to DuckDuckGo, there are 413.67 molecules of CO2 in the air for every million molecules of air that are not CO2. By my maths, that means CO2 represents 0.00414% of earth’s air. I further understand CO2 absorbs heat in the form of outgoing long-wave radiation (OLR), and re-emits it after having absorbed a certain amount. I assume this re-emission of heat energy occurs in all directions, not just earthwards. The height above ground a molecule of CO2 is situated will determine, by my thinking, what percentage of that energy finds its way back to earth.

So far, so non-controversial.

But how does a gas that occupies but 0.004% of earth’s air absorb and re-emit heat energy in sufficient amounts to drive climate change as earth’s most effective “greenhouse gas”? Were I to build a greenhouse, I would use glass like other people do. I would not rely on the air – now richer in CO2 by 0.39% more than last year – even knowing that a ‘consensus’ of scientists report, repeatedly, how dangerously effective CO2 is at warming our planet’s biosphere. An air greenhouse would just suck. So how is CO2 the entire planet’s greenhouse? (I’m leaving out other greenhouse gases, like methane, for the sake of brevity.)

I suspect billions would be outraged by such a simplistic line of enquiry, but my point is not to convince anyone of anything other than the importance of abandoning all pretence of knowing everything, an act of honest humility which fosters an atmosphere of mutual discovery, regardless of what that the truth turns out to be.

Dear passionate defenders of earth’s climate: I have been a vegan for almost a decade, gave up my career in an energy-utility company in 2011 in protest against nuclear power, and live as modestly as I can. My position is that one should err on the side of caution; surely knowing I am ignorant of so much demands such caution. Because I have neither the time nor desire to become an expert climatologist, I try to adapt my behaviours such that my impact on the environment is as benign as possible. However, in my own case, it is consumerism, perpetual economic growth and the absurd power of international corporations I see as root causes of this planet’s ills. And yet these are natural consequences that have emerged, fairly predictably, from the soil of civilisational progress. (Feel free to interpret “progress” in whichever way you choose.)

But regardless of my ignorance, I absolutely refuse to not criticise ‘experts’ and the ‘powerful’, to not question them and their ‘consensus’, their mandates, their claims. I do so in a spirit of honest inquiry. There’s a story about a naked emperor we all know and love that beautifully captures the ability of ignorance – depicted as a child in the story – to cut through any expert’s vanity and pride. We all love that story, but today many of us welcome censoring critics of the official covid19 narrative. 

Why? What’s going on here?

Obligatory trust is an oxymoron

Why on earth should I trust any multinational pharmaceutical corporation? In fact, because “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, I refuse to trust any large agglomeration of power, period. It’s unwise, systemically, for any group to have that much power. People are people, after all. We are obviously not mature enough, psychologically, to handle it, as Lord Acton’s famous saying, slightly misquoted a few lines above, implies. And yet despite this cultural wisdom, so familiar to all of us, it appears we are being mandated to trust Big Pharma; being an “anti-vaxxer” is akin to terrorism, which is illegal. Is criticising or doubting Big Pharma motives and medicines now being made de facto illegal, or at least socially reprehensible? How is this state of affairs not ringing alarm bells in everyone? Because of PR and advertising? How can anything be beyond criticism? Or, in more diluted form: Why should the types of criticism permitted be dictated by the recipient of that criticism? We would never grant such power to each other; why do we grant it to the (already) very powerful?

I choose to think for myself, to resist the influence of groupthink. That seems the healthier way to be, even though it can be socially isolating. I am instantly suspicious of anyone telling me to obey blindly, for any reason whatsoever, particularly for the ‘public good’. Being told to obey ‘authority’, or ‘expertise’, or ‘the science’, however insidiously that instruction is delivered, is precisely how totalitarianism begins. Who can demonstrate clearly, beyond reasonable doubt, that totalitarianism is not currently being installed in as many countries as possible by some collection of wannabe global tyrants? Why are such suspicions so angrily dismissed as lunacy? “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”

There’s no such thing as “unnatural”; there is only nature. One of humanity’s most enduringly hubristic notions is that it is somehow outside nature looking in, ‘scientifically’, ‘objectively’, ‘neutrally’. It is a vanity to which we noble beasts continue to cling. But regardless of our enduring vanity, nothing can be outside nature. I do believe, however, that hierarchical systems, natural as they are,  ‘built’ or ‘developed’ or ‘designed’ by historical processes to steadily accumulate power, are unhealthy. I perceive the madness that has gripped much of humanity – a humanity now living in obedient fear of something as mundane as infecting other people – as the visible symptom of an historical bifurcation point born of the unhealthiness of rigidly hierarchical systems of power … hierarchies of power that must, as they repeatedly do, tend strongly towards totalitarianism as a function of their nature. To repeat: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” How many deaths can be attributed to the tyrannical tendencies of those who have pursued power since human history began? Do we honestly believe we have bested tyranny with the likes of the BBC and CNN subjecting governments and multinational corporations to ‘objective’ questioning all across the world? Where is the balanced reporting on c19?

And yet despite all of the above, whose logic I still confidently share with you here, those charts presented on Friday 22 October hit me hard. Exactly how caught up in the insanity I see unfolding around me have I been? Is this entire Corona Circus of the Absurd a big fat nothing burger? (In that hysterically inflated nothing burger, I include the conspiring that is clearly underway at a grand scale.) People are suffering horribly, children in their millions coldly mutated into germaphobes by bureaucratic diktat, then subjected, against all logic and evidence, to an experimental gene treatment relabelled ‘vaccine’ … because profit? Billions of humans have been finessed by skilled public-relations “nudgers”, behavioural programmers and NLP experts into a state of perpetual fear on the winds of a vastly over-inflated nothing burger? For financial gain alone? Could it be so grubby? Is humanity that unimaginative? Could the profit motive alone undergird the push towards global totalitarianism simply because the current Powers That Be prefer things basically as they are, just so they can enjoy ever more of what they enjoy? 

I am offended by how unromantic that would be if true. And I am troubled that that offends me. I have attributed to the globalists a dark and erroneous (negative) nobility, a narcissistic noblesse oblige, a romantic urging towards a mechanical beauty they, dysfunctionally, want to create on earth. If it’s all for money … well, that would be something else entirely.

Is there no population-control agenda in the mix here? Why would the pharmaceutical industry risk a poorly developed set of vaccines, rushed to market in record time, for short-term gain but long-term loss of trust? That strikes me as utterly devoid of any wisdom, intelligence, cunning. It would be mere thuggish greed with no thought for tomorrow.

Such musings may well be an accurate reflection of what’s going on: a frenzied wildfire of groupthink, or groupfeel. And the powers coaxing that fear-frenzy to a global climax are no more or less mad than the rest of us. We are suffering an orgy of collective insanity, and, like fish bound together by the ocean of consciousness we are, we are hurled turbulently this way and that, as if one entity.

Or, if there is a population-control agenda, is it failing miserably? Or is The New Normal – global totalitarianism installed around the new pseudo illegality of infection? – designed to smother humanity’s procreational urges so thoroughly that populations will start to decline precipitously over coming decades? Or are the excess mortality spikes currently reported in the US, UK, Germany and elsewhere – spikes not averaged out and adjusted demographically as in the charts that inspired this article – in fact indicative of a dangerous set of ‘vaccines’ slowly beginning to reveal their ‘side-effects’? It would, after all, be a plan doomed to quick failure if the jabs killed millions within days of injection, while the unvaccinated lived merrily on. No mass-media power would be sufficient to keep such a scenario hidden. If the jabs were indeed designed as “kill shots”, it would have to be in some boiling-frogs manner, a strategy slow and insidious enough to escape easy detection. (Some doctors analysing ‘vaccine’ contents have calculated that up to a third are merely saline solutions, for example.)

I’ve never been persuaded by ‘kill shot” arguments, this despite the likes of Dr Luc Montagnier, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Sucharit Bakhdi, and countless lawyers across the globe, propounding such assessments. Their need to warn the world is clearly authentic; they would not lightly risk their reputations, or establishment opprobrium. But the logic of the notion itself does not convince me entirely. That said, I acknowledge my ignorance and keep open all possible explanations for what is unfolding globally. Global affairs are so unnerving – with nascent fascism now on display in France, Italy, Israel, and Australia –, it’s likely the full explanation of the c19 phenomenon is equally unnerving.

So much uncertainty after all this time, analysis, pondering and discussion! The only things I’m confident of are that the official narrative is carefully deceptive and that history rhymes, with civilisation itself composed of systemic qualities that can only repeatedly lead to such bifurcation points. 

So much detail remains to be properly established: What are the true injection rates of the planet’s national populations? What, exactly, is in the various ‘vaccines’? Why are the ‘vaccine’ ingredients not public knowledge? Does SARS-CoV-2 exist as advertised? How many people died solely of covid19? Is covid19 a new, tightly defined illness, or a generic label stuck on to a too-wide range of familiar symptoms? Where did influenza go? What is a pandemic, exactly, and who should be granted the power to announce one? 

These are just a few of the key questions groupthink prevents us from healthily and effectively discussing. Authority and expertise want dominion of these things, but have shown themselves to be very poorly equipped to handle matters of such global importance. They are all too human, all too subject to the weaknesses of the human ego: pride, ambition, greed, fear, groupthink.

I yearn for a system of widely distributed power balances that prevents, by its very composition, power accumulation. Right now, groupthink stands between humanity and wanting something healthier. The current dominant system of inexorable power accumulation towards global tyranny depends for its continued existence on our obedient compliance. Groupthink serves that dependency.

Groupthink. That’s the problem, folks. Groupthink is the soil in which tyranny takes root and blooms. Groupthink is unscientific, anti-life, and cowardly. Groupthink is virus, super-spreader, and medium of infection all at once. The Powers That Be manipulate groupthink like maestros of the dark arts, but fail to notice how susceptible they themselves are to its mist-covered swamps and seductive self-delusions. 

On and on the circus of history’s madness goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

I think we need more abandon. We need to be more honest with ourselves and each other, more immediate, and then learn how to cope with each of our truths, our authenticity, our ugliness, our beauty. We are too afraid, too timid, too polite, too sensitive, proud, defensive, too allergic to robust community, to honesty, to ‘failure’, to abandonment. 

We need more abandon.

Can we learn to fall backwards, with abandon, into the waiting wilds of chance and discover, fearfully, excitedly, hopefully, whether we can fly on our own without the strings of the powerful keeping us safely netted in some cage of their design? Do we dare help to build a world which encourages true maturity in every individual, with maximum freedom to be as we are culturally expected, nascent in the air we breathe, while accepting full adult responsibility for the choices we make? Can we outgrow our cultural fear of death? Can we uproot our addiction to authority, its dark charm, its promise of eternal safety proffered so tantalisingly, just on the other side of defeating this current terror. Ok, just on the other side of that current terror. Well, perhaps there’s another terror lurking around the next corner…

Tyrannical authority is as addicted to obedience as the obedient are addicted to tyrannical authority. It is a symbiosis, a death trap. Isn’t the way out of this trap the abandon we need to let go of the fears that hold us back, that keep us firmly secured in authority’s embrace? Perhaps we should start looking each other in the eyes and share what we feel. Perhaps we should listen to the other side. Perhaps we should take that risk and see what happens. 

We’re going to die one way or the other.

Go abandon!