Saturday, January 29, 2011


If we want to prioritize sustainability in our socioeconomic system, what would have to change? "Zeitgeist: Moving Forward" is a film that sets out why sustainability is the obvious choice as societal priority, then explores the connotations of this simple yet profound decision. At 2:41:00 or so it is not a short film, nor is it perfect, but is a must-see in my opinion.

The point is not to follow the film's advocacy like sheep, but to engage, critique, discuss, learn, teach. Unless we start doing this in our millions, then billions, and in as open minded and polite a manner as we can, we are not going to make it past the oncoming crises. Do we want to go extinct? I believe not. We are therefore obliged to grow up, quickly, to stop expecting state-sanctioned 'experts' from showing us the 'truth' they believe is the best. As corny as it is, as vague as it is, it's up to us.

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