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Open Appeal to Virologists from Corona_Fakten (translation)

[I translated the article below from German because I consider much of the data it contains to be pivotal to the prevailing medical paradigm of 'mechanical' bodies under continuous attack from threatening, and also mechanical, exogenous pathogens. Although rather breathless in tone, it raises important questions that are scientific as they can be quickly addressed via experiment. More comment from me below.]

What do a fraudulent scientist, a scientist who is victim of an erroneous assumption, and a scientist who uncovered this erroneous assumption have in common? Not much, actually, but in this particular story they are all pivotal in immediately bringing “corona mania” to an end. Not only that, they also have the power to dispatch virology in its entirety to the realm of the damned. They could initiate a long overdue paradigm change in medicine. Why is this so important? I’ll tell you. It would not only end the pandemic; never again could any pandemic be declared. There would be no more vaccinations, people’s fears would be ended and, most importantly, the way could be paved towards a real medicine: we call it Universal Biology. 

Which three scientists am I talking about? Our story features the science-fraud Prof. Christian Drosten, the honest scientist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi – victim of a profound error within medical science – and a scientist who is not often talked about, is in fact deliberately avoided by most despite having exposed a disservice to humanity: Dr. Stefan Lanka, winner of the measles legal process. My concern in this article is not to discredit anyone, or to diminish their work – with the exception Prof. Drosten; his title should be revoked with immediate effect. Prof. Drosten is in my eyes a felon who has been reported to the police several times, and for good reason. Among others by Dr. Stefan Lanka. 

I ask you all to distribute this article, especially to those who have the power to make a difference: to all scientists, to both Corona Inquiries and of course to the few remaining honest politicians. 

Now let’s begin.

The reason why the hidden operators’ scheme works every 2 years is that even those who expose it – be it a Bhakdi, Mölling, Kämmerer or Wodarg etc. – still speak of viruses that do not exist. Request scientific evidence of pathogenic viruses, request experiments conducted with full and proper scientific rigour, including required control experiments; either you get no response, or are directed to publications that do not satisfy scientific criteria. This is wherein the problem lies.

What benefit is there in successfully persuading people with endless mortality statistics and PCR tests relative to the number of people testing positive? What is the point of demonstrating that the virus is completely harmless – and this with several studies worldwide factually substantiating that claim? Very little, because it only buys us time until next year, when those hidden operators will simply ‘discover’ a new virus, just as they always do and always have done. From BSE to avian flu, on to swine flu, ebola, zika and now SARS-CoV-2… Who has the energy to debunk these fairy tales year after year? How many lockdowns can we survive?

It’s just skirmishes going nowhere. What do we do if we’re not fortunate enough to have a mild winter – as was the case this year – but are hit by a hard winter, basically meaning more death and serious illnesses? Who will still believe our statistical analyses? They will be of no use; more people will die than the year before. These endless skirmishes wouldn’t be needed if all the scientists and doctors who have exposed the myth of the dangerous corona virus joined forces to carry out control experiments with Dr. Stefan Lanka. In contrast to the hard-earned facts collected over the last 8 months, the control experiments are a triviality that can be completed very quickly. Real science can be simple sometimes.

Why don’t Bhakdi and co. conduct the required control experiments as requested by Dr. Stefan Lanka, among others?

To avoid refuting their own discipline, virologists consistently disregard two rules of science. One is to critically assess every claim. The other is to test all assumptions and methods used by means of control experiments. If they were to conduct control experiments, they would find that ALL short gene sequences they theoretically link together to form viral genetic strands in fact originate endogenously within human metabolism and not exogenously from some theorised virus!

On 13.06.2020, Dr. Stefan Lanka called on all biochemists, bioinformaticians, virologists and cell-culture specialists to carry out and publish these control experiments and to inform him about them. He has created a control experiment whose design precludes the possibility of the sample material being contaminated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus before or during the experiment. 

Why haven’t Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, Prof. Karin Mölling, Prof. Ulrike Kämmerer, Dr. Wodarg, Prof. Drosten, RKI director Prof. Wieler and all the others conducted these control experiments or contacted Dr. Lanka? I know why the RKI haven’t responded; I have the proof in the form of email correspondence that the institute does not care about facts. This should be reason enough to have the institution shut down – I will publish an article about this correspondence in due course. But I consider the first four scientists mentioned to be honest.

Dr. Stefan Lanka was the first to explain in detail that Drosten’s PCR test was not based on clinical data!

After Dr. Heiko Schöning read out four names at the Querdenker 711 demo on August 29, 2020 of scientists who had confirmed that the PCR test from the Berlin Charité and Drosten was not based on clinical data – as no sequences had been available at the time – I didn’t hear the name of the man who had disclosed this fact in detail to the experts. It was Dr. Stefan Lanka who clearly demonstrated that Prof. Drosten committed science fraud, and that the WHO went along with it. Doesn’t the person who has been working for over 30 years to ensure that the truth comes out also deserve credit? During the measles-virus trial, Dr. Stefan Lanka was able to demonstrate with sound facts that there is no scientific proof [for the existence of] the measles virus, and has also shown there is no scientific evidence for any alleged pathogenic virus. I ask the organisers of Querdenken, Doctors for Enlightenment and the chairs of the two corona-inquiry committees – who are doing important work – to please talk to Dr. Stefan Lanka. I have tried to mediate several times and I am always ready to do so again. Anyone may get in touch with me about this. I would like to mention once again that Dr. Stefan Lanka filed criminal charges against Prof. Christian Drosten for precisely these and other reasons. Everyone should take Lanka’s proposal seriously, especially the other experts who have also confirmed that Drosten’s approach is unscientific.

The required control experiments have already been conducted. They confirm as erroneous the assumption that viruses cause disease.

Dr. Stefan Lanka had these necessary control experiments carried out as part of the measles-virus trial, and submitted the findings to the court. The results do not stand in scientific isolation: Expert opinion on the cytopathic effect refutes the alleged specific infectivity of the measles virus.

Cytopathic effect in monkey kidney cells is not specific to measles viruses - Author: Laboratory manager of an independent laboratory in Germany

Results from the laboratory:

“Depending on the added non-viral and non-infectious substances, changes in cell morphology could be observed at different points in time, which since 1954 has been equated with the “isolation” of the “measles virus”. 

Particularly after the addition of high concentrations of penicillin/streptomycin (20%) or cultivation under deficient conditions (1% FCS), changes in cell morphology were observed that were microscopically identical to the formation of syncytia described by the measles virus (Table 1: Chemicals, solutions and cell culture media used). 

The studies clearly showed that the formation of syncytia is not specific to a measles infection. This confirmed the forgotten observations of both Enders & Peebles and Bech & von Magnus and refuted the assumption that Enders & Peebles and successors had used this technique to prove the existence of a virus.”

Table 1: Chemicals, solutions and cell culture media used

The mother of all publications on the measles virus by Enders and Peebles never claimed to have proved the presence of a measles virus; they had serious doubts and recorded them clearly in their publication. You can read about this in my article. 

Also in the publication by Bech, V. & von Magnus, P. (1958) Studies on measles virus in monkey kidney tissue cultures, Acta Pathologica Microbiologica Scandinavica 42(1):75-85, the authors explain that the cytopathic effect is not measles-specific, but caused by other factors. On p.80 we read:

“cytopathic changes similar to those caused by measles virus may be observed also in uninoculated cultures of monkey kidney tissue (Fig. 4-5). These changes are probably caused by virus-like agents, so called ‘foamy agents’, which seem to be frequently present in kidney cells from apparently healthy monkeys”

This sentence is remarkable as it points to the non-specificity of precisely those pathological changes that are used as the starting point for visual evidence of an infection, presented in the first publication from Enders & Peebles.

Prof. Karlheinz Lüdtke, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Early History of Virology, offprint 125, 89 pages, 1999. i. K. (A 2) Preprint 1999. [Toby: Im not sure why this is in original article but I'm including it anyway.]

This finding is critical because it shows how important control experiments are in establishing that you might have been wrong. It shows that until 1953, it was clearly understood by every virologist and the scientific community that all components, which had been understood as components of viruses until that time – were revealed by control experiments to be components of dead tissues and cells. This is why it is crucial to keep highlighting the absence of control experiments in the publications presented.

Further information and test set-up can be found in Wissenschafftplus Magazine, 2017, 4th issue.

“The tissues and cells used to ‘detect and multiply’ the ‘viruses’ are pre-treated in a very specific way before the act of alleged ‘infection’. They are deprived of 80% of their nutrients so that they become hungry and absorb the viruses. They are treated with antibiotics to rule out that bacteria – which are always and everywhere present in all tissues and sera – cause the expected cell death. It was not until 1972 that biochemists realised that the antibiotics used were independently damaging and killing cells without this being noticed and taken into account by virologists. It is exactly the factors of ‘starvation’ and ‘poisoning’ that lead to the visible death of the cells, which was and is misinterpreted solely as the presence, isolation, effect and reproduction of the suspected viruses.”

To which scientific publication or publications does the state government refer in asserting the existence of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 and justifying the “corona” measures taken?

Justification: In all publications to which Prof. Christian Drosten refers in the design of his PCR test, only the steps taken to arithmetically align nucleic acids from patient fluids to form a viral genome strand appear.

And there are no control experiments to rule out the possibility that entirely normal nucleic acids from the patient were used to calculate the genome of the claimed virus.

The fact that these crucial control experiments are absent in all publications on the ‘isolation’ of SARS-CoV-2 makes it impossible to designate these publications as scientific. Since the publication of international scientific rules by the DFG in 1998, control experiments have been a requirement for designating a publication scientific.

My question aims at, among other things, ascertaining whether the corona measures taken by the government are at all legally justifiable, since the Infection Protection Act (IfSG) on which the measures are based requires that all parties involved comply with the latest scientific and technical standards.

This question should be asked by all scientists and sincere seekers after truth. The linchpin in stopping this pandemic is compliance with required scientific regulations made mandatory by the DFG in 1998. This includes conducting the necessary control experiments. All scientists and academics who evade this step should not be called scientists and academics; they disregard scientific regulations that are binding for all!

What should we do now?

  1. Work together to ensure that honest scientists step out of their comfort zones and get in touch with Dr. Stefan Lanka to conduct these control experiments, and jointly publish the results.
  2. Help to distribute this information to the appropriate parties. All costs of setting up the control experiments are covered, so costs cannot be used as an excuse. 
  3. If those responsible refuse to conduct the control experiments, they are acting against scientific regulations and thus violating their own principles. If they continue to refuse, you should ask them to name the publication in which the scientific regulations were followed, including the control experiments that properly detect a virus. Their answers can be sent to me.
  4. Make it clear to them that they will not lose face, but will emerge as honourable scientists.
  5. Explain to them that these control experiments are a triviality that will have a huge impact.

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[Germany has been the centre of what I see as global resistance to tyranny, tyranny that is being rolled out under the guise of a 'deadly virus' we need to be 'protected' from. As such, my focus these last corona months has been there. This article is in some ways an extension of my first article on the alleged corona virus, even though I did not reveal my growing suspicions about this element at that time; I was not sufficiently convinced to give it an airing. Now, while still not convinced terrain theory holds all the aces – sickness is the body handling and expelling environmental toxins, including things like fear and stress as responses to environmental stimuli – I do increasingly see the (currently) oppositional tension between the germ and terrain theories as paradigmatically reflective of the deeper paradigm shift occurring around the collapse of materialism at the core of human understanding, all towards what we might tentatively term a new 'spirituality'. It is this reflection, this synonymity, that lies behind my publication of this material.

In addition to this article, interested readers might want to view these two German YouTube videos I subtitled (my very first efforts as a YouTuber), one concerning a detailed analysis of the Stefan Lanka measles-virus case mentioned above, the other setting out the reasoning behind bringing a class-action suit in the US against governments, and manufacturers and sellers of the PCR test, internationally, because the test is not fit for purpose, a fact now slowly emerging even in the mass media.

Much is happening in Germany now that looks strongly like a rapid walking back of the entire fake-pandemic narrative, far too much for me to report on here in detail. As it develops, I will be sharing and commenting on the key elements. Watch this space.]


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Germany certainly seems to be ahead of the curve when it comes to attempting to bring this madness to an end. Many thanks for your hard work in bringing this to a wider (non-German speaking) audience.

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So cool, my friend. Thankyou so much for your work in getting this information to thos of us who do not speak German.