Tuesday, November 17, 2020

A crazy conspiracy theory that can be tested

What if the following crazy conspiracy-theory roadmap comes true?

This roadmap was ‘leaked’ by an ex-member of Germany’s Green Party (David Siber). It makes for shocking reading but closely dovetails with one leaked from Canada.  I don’t have a link to the former leak because it’s published in a Telegram channel I follow (David Siber’s). However, I don’t really think the validity of its source matters anywhere near as much as its possible predictive power.

My translation of the German leak (I’m guessing it was an September/October leak, like the Canadian):

  1. Introduce second lockdown. Secondary lockdowns must be extended from the cities into the surrounding areas in a creeping manner. Deadline: end November 2020.
  2. Establishment of isolation centres in all federal states and municipalities. Deadline: end December 2020.
  3. Daily COVID-19 infection numbers are rising so rapidly that authorities are reaching the limits of their testing capacity. Deadline: end November 2020.
  4. Complete and final lockdown (stricter restrictions than the first lockdown). Deadline: end December 2020 - beginning January 2021.
  5. Reform of unemployment-benefit and Hartz IV programme towards universal basic income. Deadline: First quarter 2021 - i.e. by end March 2021.
  6. Mutation of the COVID-19 virus into a more dangerous virus called COVID-21, which initiates a third wave of infections with a high mortality rate and higher infection rates. Deadline: by February 2021.
  7. Daily new COVID-21 infections overwhelm clinics and hospitals. Deadline: quarter 1 - quarter 2 2021.
  8. Introduction of the third lockdown with further restrictions on remaining public life. Travel between federal states and even cities will be prohibited. Deadline: quarter 2 2021.
  9. Introduce everyone into a universal-basic-income programme. Deadline: mid quarter 2 2021.
  10. Great economic instability leads to the collapse of supply chains and thus to shortages of goods in shops. Deadline: quarter 2 - quarter 3 2021.
  11. Domestic army operations within major cities and on motorways. The aim is to prevent the movement and travel of citizens and to provide logistical support in the cities. Deadline: by quarter 3 2021.
  12. Citizens are given the opportunity to cancel all personal loans under the so-called "World Debt Reset Programme". The state receives the necessary financial resources from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). To join this programme, citizens must transfer all ownership rights to existing and also all future property. In addition, the citizen undertakes to accept the COVID-19 & COVID-21 vaccinations without resistance. With the new vaccination pass, all restrictions are lifted each compliant citizen. Citizens who oppose vaccination and the debt-repayment programme will become a "risk to the health of others". They will only be released from lockdown restrictions after agreeing to the debt-repayment programme and allowing themselves to be vaccinated. 

Bill Gates is featured in the video linked to above. He states flatly that “pandemic 2” will be worse than “pandemic 1”. The video also shows him and wife Melinda looking oddly pleased at the prospect of the more deadly variant yet to come. How can he know these things? Why is the press not all over these extraordinary claims? Who is responsible for these possibly leaked schedules? Are the schedules credible?

Regardless of any possible answers to such questions, a theory is a good one if it can be falsified. Clear predictions fulfil that criterion here. What with The Great Reset, “Build Back Better” being used simultaneously across the English-speaking world, a one-tune mass media worldwide and more-than-transparent predictions about future virus mutations and lethality from an ex-head of a large software company, should this set of predictions (statements) start to come true – and they appear to be already –, that would prove the “conspiracy theory”, wouldn’t it? What other explanation could explain all these facts?

If my logic is sound, then sharing this information to all and sundry is of paramount importance. I'd like this schedule to be the produce of some crazy person somewhere, but things have been beyond crazy for eight months, so I think this deserves attention.

I'll get back to the continuation of the previous post in due course.

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