Thursday, November 12, 2020

No going back

There’s no going back any more.

The survival of all political and media actors depends on the existence of this pandemic. Without a pandemic, the entire state apparatus would have but one option: resignation.

If there were no pandemic, there would be no trust left in any state institution. A total societal catastrophe!

And that’s why we have this pandemic; it’s needed to justify the immense damage caused by the measures taken against it. Retreat is impossible. And it really doesn’t matter how serious further damage caused by sustaining the pandemic will be.

The people are not being protected from a sickness. The government is protecting itself from the consequences of its own error – at the cost of the people.

Adrian Bauer, business leader, lecturer at the University of St Gallen

The above analysis closely matches my own, but I’d add two things. First, somewhere behind the “error” is some kind of coordinating conspiracy. Only this addition can explain facts such as the continuing assertion that a “second wave” was coming – corona and influenza viruses are seasonal; there are endless ‘waves’ – and that only global vaccination can get us out of this ‘pandemic’, both repeatedly asserted with calm conviction before there was any clarity on the matter. The monies raised for and indemnity from liability guaranteed to the pharmaceutical industry speak volumes. Second, we’re not just talking about institutional state apparatus. Large portions of national populations across the world are locked in to this insanity as well. But the mirage generated by propaganda and public-relations machinery, working 24/7 to sustain the fearful, wide-eyed delirium, hovers seductively above a cliff edge. Only the insane, hypnotised and terrified want this evil to go on.

Back in March, when I first came across independent-media opinion that the corona-virus pandemic was some sort of conspiracy, my initial reaction was “impossible!”; the risks are too high, the fallout if the gambit fails too massive. Then I saw the contents of the Coronavirus Act 2020 and similar laws being enacted across Europe, and agreed that a conspiracy was underway. It has taken me a long time to process the enormity of it all but I could and can still see no better explanation. 

I am thus a “conspiracy theorist”: I’ve analysed the facts from official bodies, watched the actions of media and politics, and can only fully explain the situation as a conspiracy. That said, much of what is unfolding in medicine, politics, media and business can indeed be explained by uncritical loyalty born of unwitting fear, but somewhere this extraordinary event, unprecedented in human history, is being deliberately coordinated to some end. One component of that end is The Great Reset, but there is likely more to it than that alone. The roots of the Why behind all this are to be found in rapidly advancing automation/robotics technologies, the threat presented to the current global power structure by the internet, the demise of the global fiat money system, the end of growth, and perhaps that old devil eugenics, a variant of a civilisational peculiarity I like to call “patrician disdain”. 

We stand at a critical historical juncture that could head towards far flatter and more peace-loving power structures. The beneficiaries and thus guardians of the current order want instead to steer history a direction favourable to their interests. 

I am aware most people disagree with this view. Be that as it may, the truth of this conspiracy will likely emerge soon and become impossible to ignore. If history indeed takes this course – I strongly suspect it will – the consequences are going to shock peoples and cultures across the planet to their core. The societal damage that would follow exposure of this crime against humanity is unimaginable. 

As I write, hundreds if not thousands of lawyers are bringing various legal cases to court in several countries. Firstly, the PCR test is not and cannot be suitable for diagnosis. Positive test results are NOT “cases”, they are simply positive test results of little to no clinical value. Without positive-PCR “cases”, there is no pandemic. Its unsuitability to diagnosis and unreliability through its adjustable ct (cycle-threshold) value also mean we cannot know if anyone has died of covid-19, an alleged ‘disease’ with no basis in medical fact. 

Secondly, asymptomatic infectivity is a contradiction in terms (pre-symptomatic a possible outlier). The ‘science’ behind this novel notion is Germany’s Patient 1, a Chinese national said to have infected several Germans while asymptomatic. This claim was made by ‘Professor’ Christian Drosten, Germany’s chief virologist and creator of the first rapidly approved PCR test for SARS-CoV-2, now a highly controversial figure and himself the subject of various legal proceedings and academic scrutiny. It turns out Patient 1 did in fact have symptoms and was taking paracetamol to suppress them. And it is also emerging that Drosten has no PhD and is not a professor. The mainstream press in the German-speaking world are beginning to refer to him as “virologist Drosten”. 

If we add to these facts the absence of excess mortality worldwide and the statistical disappearance of influenza deaths globally in 2020, we must at the very least conclude that the pandemic is over, and likely that there never really was one. This shocking logical conclusion has precedent. In June 2009, the WHO declared the swine-flu a pandemic, shortly after changing their criteria defining a pandemic to no longer include large numbers of deaths and sicknesses. After investigating the matter in 2009/10, the Council of Europe ruled the swine-flu a “fake pandemic”. 

Mandated vaccines and immunity passports, still derided as conspiracy-theory nonsense by many, now stand before us, beckoning us away from meaningful freedom into the allure of safety, safely waged slavery, caged life. What makes this totalitarian control so alluring, what fears drive us into its embrace? Fear of death? Uncertainty? Risk? What would life be without them? Is a life of submissive cowardice something to strive for?

The media’s involvement in all this is pivotal. Extending Bauer’s reasoning, the human race is now systemically tied to the ‘pandemic’, to a monstrous lie. This orchestrated lockstep has been aided and abetted by a media that has failed to do its proper job: skeptically assess what is presented as the truth. Instead, media outlets have been repurposed as state-corporate stenographers. There have been expert critical voices from the beginning of this ‘pandemic’ but each has been doggedly suppressed and defamed. The price we will all pay for this coordinated censorship is incalculable. Hopefully we will relearn how important it is to remain vigilant, to have a genuinely free press: “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Tyranny, totalitarianism, dictatorship are abhorred by patriots and democrats for very good reason. As the saying goes: if we sacrifice liberty in pursuit of security, we lose both. But in a state of long-lasting and profound fear, we look to authority figures who skilfully sell us their solution, and tyranny seems shiny, safe and good. A con as old as the hills. The devil does not seduce us by fully revealing his spiritual emptiness and bottomless hatred.

One way or another, humanity will need level heads to steady its ship as the consequences of global economic lockdown flood over us. I fear there won’t be enough; we have been dumbed down and kept infantile too long. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to at least be one of the many voices calling attention to this looming catastrophe in as clear terms as I can manage. With luck, the shock of what is coming will bring sufficient numbers of us to our senses, and we will weather the storm.

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As clear and engaging a summary of our situation as I have read anywhere.